Tuesday, March 21, 2006


In this world which resembles a mirror maze
You unentangle me and set the fire in me ablaze

You delight me
You mesmerize me

With you next to me
Everything seems so right
Life seems so nice
The pretentious world seems idealistic
And even lust seems so sanctimonious

But times change
And we walk different lanes
I feel a chasm in me that no one can replace
But the feeling refuses to fade

Distances this time so far but yet so near.

It’s these distances that bind me to you
It’s these distances that don’t let me wander
It’s these distances that speak in silence
It’s these distance the bring us closer

My eyes hallucinate your presence
My arms yearn for that warmth
My hands crave to hold your hands

I see you after an eternity
Seems like a desire since ages, now comes true
I revel in furtive exultation

But my eyes can’t look straight into your eyes
My hands tremble when you hold them
Everything that once seemed so right
Now suddenly seems not all that right
My life seems covered with a cloud of uncertainty
And perhaps I don’t see signs of any rain of surety
Some things have changed
Probably we have changed

Distances this time so near but yet so far


Sujeet Kuchibhotla said...

Nice one...:)

nishant said...

nice poem i really like the fact that it seems to go in one great flow nice truthful work.... but would like to give a suggestion..... maybe its just me... but would prefer to see the use of simpler words.... nice work keep it up will keep reading!!!!!

Kumar said...

hey, nice poetry... did you also used to write during school?

btw - remember the prank i played on you..abt Harini and got caught...just remembered it...cant stop laughing..haha!

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Anonymous said...

This was a classic piece..... straight from the heart... brings out the pain....
An anonymous blogger

Varsha said...


Soumik D said...

waiting for ur next post...

ankurindia said...

excellent poem nice blog