Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rang De Basanti

The battle between Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji’s tenets still continues. Ask anyone what gave India independence and the answer is definitely a culmination of both these approaches. Well, Rang De Basanti is more rebellious in its attitude and follows a more violent approach. Undoubtedly a well made movie with perfect music, excellent cinematography and outstanding acting. This movie is made to be a complete mass appeal.

Delving into the mindset of each of the characters you only realize that the director has a very condescending notion of today’s youth. On one hand there is Madhavan who is ready to sacrifice his life for the country while striking a contrast there is a bunch of five guys who want to live life like there is no tomorrow. The movie projects today’s youth to be impulsive, rebellious and hotheaded without an iota of patriotism. Patriotism is dormant in today’s youth and can be ignited only if the youth is asked to play patriotic characters in a movie. And nonetheless this feeling of patriotism is purely selfish in nature. The protagonists are ready to sacrifice their life because they can’t bear the loss of a dear one. Would they still sacrifice their life if they never knew the air force pilot who lost his life? The protagonists kill the defense minister and then regret it and to rectify this regret they go to the media. Bhagat Singh dropped a bomb in the high court with an intention of gaining the attention from people so as to arouse a feeling of patriotism and not because he intended to take someone’s life. Is today’s youth a slow learner? They follow the same process in a reverse way. First they commit a crime that stands out in sinister isolation and then try and seek media attention.

This movie leaves many mysteries entangled and many questions unanswered. It strikes the right chord that we need to fight injustice but unfortunately the procedure followed can never be justified. Watch this movie for a complete entertainment but if you are seeking a way to fight corruption, I guess you are asking for too much!!!!!!!!


Vikram said...

hi neha...nice blog..extremely well written..i just think maybe you are bit too harsh on the makers.The path that the protagonists followed is definitely not the answer to the problems that ail the country, but i dont think they are suggesting it either. But the movie works since the trauma that a family goes through and the sheer frustration and feeling of impotency they feel(captured perfectly in Aamir's breakdown scene) is depicted brilliantly. There is an element of pathos in the film, especially the end. Something to make you have an almost "god something has to be done..and now!" like desperate urge. It doesnt justify the means, merely accentuates the cause. keep up the good work.

Harshad said...

i agree with neha completely on this one!!..maybe we share similar views abt this movie and dissimilar views with vikram!!..i still dont get wot made him like the movie for its CAUSE of all reasons!!..