Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I wonder why life seems so tough,
Especially when there is a long way ahead to trudge.

So many expectations with each passing hour,
Doubt whether I will ever fulfill them with dignity and honour.

I look at others with an envious eye,
And then hate myself for comparing someone else with I.

Is it the case that life is greener on the other side,
Or the lady luck refuses to be by my side?

I imagine things the other way round,
And conjure up images of my life being so simple and sound.

I would then be so gullible, so naïve and weak,
Without modicum of courage to fight for myself and speak.

I thank god for giving me moments of depression and sadness,
Cause without them I would never understand the meaning of life and happiness.

We crib cause we consider difficulties as flaws that make life an imperfection,
But the fault lies in our perception,
Because in reality, difficulties make our life easier.