Sunday, August 26, 2007

My first Case Competition

"All good things come in small packets"
The above saying seemed to be absolutely true with respect to my first case competition.I thought that all my team needed to do was comphrehend half a page,garner knowledge about the topic and then present it.But soon after, the realization dawned and i knew that this competition would be asking for much more commitment than I could ever expect.Commitment to analyze,commitment to work and most importantly commitment to maintain the decorum of a team.You gain so much of global exposure when you work with people from different cultures.It is absolute fun but it also teaches you so many lessons.I have learnt so much about team dynamics that probably 2 years at TCS did not teach me. Today, I learnt my first lesson that flexibility is the key to survive in a team. We toiled for quite some time and then made a presentation. Off late i have improved on my culinary skills and I categorize anything edible as food with right flavour or food with too much odour or food which is bland.And all i can say about our presentation was that it lacked flavour.Bland would sound too deprecatory. And it could not be relished even after adding the right amounts of salts and spices.The presentation was followed by the question answer round.The presentation seemed to be a cakewalk in comparison to the Q&A round.The answers required a clarity of concept and thorough undertsanding of the topic and even the smartest people would have a tough time answering them. I knew all the way I wasnt at my best. But then like always being your best is not quintessential.Learning is what I was here for. Learning is what I yearned for. May be people around me won it but I learned a lot from this experience.Learning that would help be a winner tommorrow.And like i said earlier "All good things come in small packets",let me keep this blog small as well.

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Single said...

Hi Neha,

I reached your blog accidently.

The poems are no doubt very nice and meaningful.

But when I read this case study blog - I do not get the context. Why were you doing this case study?